Steel Tower

EEC started fabrication of steel towers and various accessories complementing the final product in the mid-1990s with the advent of the mobile telecoms in Egypt.

Today our steel towers factory forms part of a manufacturing complex spanning 180,000 m² producing engineered towers to withstand the environmental requirements of our clients. Our facilities use the state-of-the art CNC lines from Italy and Spain to produce the angular or tubular sections with all the holes, notches and markings needed by the design.


We fabricate towers and all the accessories for:

  • Power transmission lines (up to 500KV)
  • Telecommunication industry (different heights and types)
  • Substation gantries

For Power transmission lines, EEC is approved for design and manufacture up to 500KV.

For telecommunications, we offer a full turnkey service for your telecom projects from site selection to full telecom installation & commissioning.

Steel towers are finished according to international standards using Hot-Dip Galvanizing and paint systems compliant with ICAO requirements.