Sandwich Panels & Cladding

For over 30 years, EEC Group has been supplying various forms of claddings to serve the Construction, Energy and Industrial sectors. The factory is a part of a manufacturing complex spanning 180,000 m², and has a capability built on German technology.

The factory manufactures:

  • Polyurethane sandwich panels for roof and walls. The unique polyurethane core provides customers with superior thermal and mechanical properties where cold or heat insulation is required or where weight-to- strength is important.
  • Corrugated steel claddings of different thickness and different finishes (Galvanized, painted & galvanized) for roof and walls.
  • Various accessories such as guttering to complement and complete the site needs.

However it doesn’t end there. In reality we deliver a complete and final product for your site – at your site with our professional interior designers, procurement team and installation crew. Examples include:

  • Prefabricated offices (e.g. ‘portakabin’-style accommodation)
  • Entire site camps (sleeping quarters, recreational facilities, dining outlets, etc)
  • Telecom equipment Shelters
  • Power Control Rooms
  • Full factory and warehouse cladding using sandwich panels and steel corrugated sheets
Sandwich Panels & Cladding Publications
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