Power & Energy

Since 2009, EEC began building its capability within the Power and Energy sectors. Today we are involved through our Construction and Manufacturing divisions in both Traditional Power and the Renewable (primarily Solar) energy sectors.

In the Renewable Energy area, EEC’s main focus is to carry out civil and electromechanical works for major off-grid solar installations. Also we are one of the few companies in Egypt authorized by the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) to design, manufacture and install high voltage transmission towers from 66KV to 500KV.

We have optimized design services and carry out destructive testing of the towers.

In our manufacturing division, we have fabricated and galvanized:

  • Numerous power transmission lines & rural electricity towers
  • Poles and gantries for substations
  • Solar panel structures for international clients for solar parks & telecommunication networks
  • Various structures (transformer foundations, handrails, fencing) for power and sub-stations
  • Equipment shelters for SCADA for Gas companies
  • Prefabricated Camps for Energy companies
  • Power Control Rooms

Furthermore, our construction division has implemented a number of substations for international clients.

Power & Energy Publications
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