Our Society


We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility is our duty as we are responsible to participate in solving & improving some of our community problems.


Our main objective is how to develop our community trying to create a better environment for our future generation, this environment depends on (Education & Elimination of illiteracy – Reduce unemployment – Health Care – Social Care – Safety).


This diagram shows that the CEO is the main participant in this service and he is the one who leading & responsible for each step in CSR project.

We recruit only the best and mature professionals to work with us. Those who succeed are those who are focused on the tasks and are results-orientated. For this we in return provide:

  • Healthy work environment either at office and factories.
  • Ability to learn from the best professionals in the market.
  • Supportive environment.
  • Private Medical & Life Insurance Policies.
  • Commitment to Health & Safety.
  • Recognition & Best employee rewards.
  • Various Social & Extra-Curricula activities.

Internal Communication:

EEC is caring and attention about the internal communication to sharing, convey the correct message & keep people updated on the group current events. EEC newsletter is our way to communicate to have this good and strong relation between each other in our group.