Hot-Dip Galvanization

EEC Galva is part of the larger EEC Group – a multi-national company in Middle East & Africa.


Our facility was established in 2007 and currently has 2 lines with kettle sizes 12.5 meters and 7 meters with a capacity (due to the product mix) of around 4000 tons per month of steel galvanized.


EEC Galva is the most modern and best organized private facility in Egypt offering general Hot-Dip Galvanization services to protect your product against the corrosive elements of the environment.


Our customers trust in our quality, superior customer service, and our ability to listen to them. As a result we work with large multi-nationals based in Egypt, the region and Europe on some of the most strategic projects in Egypt such as traditional power stations and solar recovery plants, scaffolding and cable trays.


We have highly skilled and experienced galvanizing professionals serving your needs.


Furthermore through the International Zinc Association (IZA), EEC Galva has access to the latest thinking and technologies for the hot-dip galvanizing industry.

Hot-Dip Galvanization Publications
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