Heavy Steel Structures

EEC started fabrication of steel structures in 1982. Today our steel structures factory form part of a manufacturing complex spanning 180,000 m²​ producing the highest quality structures according to international standards and specifications.


Our facilities employ the latest CNC technologies from Europe and USA technologies to deliver built-up and standard sections, girders, beams and columns for the following industries:

  • Industrial Complexes
  • Commercial Malls
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Bridges & Tunnels

We can produce structures (tapered, hunched, I-, H-, L-, Wide flanged, non-symmetrical, box):

  • Up to 15m in length
  • Up to 2m in height
  • Up to 1m in width

We offer a full turnkey service – design, fabrication, finishing, and installation.


You can choose from different finishes – standard or epoxy paints systems, and hot-dip galvanized.