Established in 1975, EEC Group - Engineering Enterprises for Civil & Steel Constructions S.A.E. has evolved into a premier entity, renowned for its turnkey engineering, construction and steel fabrication services across Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East. With a global customer-base spanning over 30 countries, we have earned a solid reputation for excellence and reliability.

Our core strength lies in our ability to manage projects throughout the entire engineering lifecycle, from initial architectural and engineering design to project management, civil works, infrastructure development, steelworks, electromechanical installation, and finishing. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless integration and optimal performance at every stage of the project.

At EEC, we have dedicated teams that prioritize high quality and leverage the latest technology to deliver unmatched versatility across all projects and timescales. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually innovate and adapt to evolving industry standards, enabling us to exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional results, time and again.


EEC Galva: Specializes in hot-dip galvanizing, ensuring the durability and longevity of steel structures.

Rox Egypt: Provides innovative cable and pipe sealing solutions for various industries and applications.

EEC Gulf FZE: Specialises in trading and distribution services for the region.

Yasmo Misr: Manufactures high-quality construction chemicals to enhance performance and durability in construction projects.

Towerwrks Egypt: Offers mobile tower solutions to meet the evolving needs of telecommunications, defense and rescue services as a few examples.

over 45 years of proven experience.

Embarking on a journey that blends the rustic charm of a Menoufia town with the sophistication of Cairo, our founder's story is one of relentless determination and visionary leadership. Born in 1945, his upbringing took place with a father who was a graduate of the Higher School of Teachers and a Cairene mother.

From the streets of Shebeen El-Kom to the halls of Heliopolis Secondary School and finally, Ain Shams Engineering, our founder's educational voyage culminated in 1968 with a degree in civil engineering. It was during this time that life-altering experiences unfolded, with student exchanges to Germany shaping his practical approach, modern design sensibilities, and a profound understanding of project management.

After navigating a challenging time in the public sector, he ventured into the unknown, guided by the belief that “one can only learn to float by diving headfirst into the water”. Returning from a transformative year in Libya in 1974, he founded EEC Group in 1975, armed with a mere 5,000 EGP earned from his Libyan endeavors.

The early days were marked by financial constraints, but against all odds, the founder, along with a small team, nurtured the company's growth. In 1982, the company diversified into metal fabrications, and the early nineties saw a new generation of engineers ushering in an era of innovation and international expansion.

The pinnacle came in 2007, as the founder's dream, conceived at the age of 21, materialized when the company moved into its current headquarters – a beacon of success and aspiration.

This inspirational journey underscores our commitment to overcoming challenges and embracing the unknown. Join us in celebrating a legacy built on hope, hard work, and the realization of dreams – a journey that has not only transformed our founder's life but has also inspired generations. 

“Together, let's shape a future where determination knows no bounds, and success is the reward for unwavering perseverance.”

we envision a realm where excellence is not merely and objective but the essence of our existence

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Our Primary Sectors:

· Industrial
· Commercial
· Infrastructure
· Educational
· Transportation
· Agricultural

Steel Fabrication:

· Steel Structures
· Transmission Towers
· Telecommunication & Radar Towers
· Sandwich panels & Claddings  

At EEC Group, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and innovation in every project we undertake, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

Highlights Over the Years



EEC was founded in Egypt, as a general contracting company, by Eng. Wahid Adly is a remarkable civil engineering entrepreneur.


The company expanded vertically by opening a steel fabrication factory to support its construction arm.


The company was officially registered as a Class A contractor through the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors.


Mobile telecommunications had landed in Egypt and with its advent, Ericsson Sweden contracted EEC to be the first company in Egypt to build GSM mobile sites.


In 1998,EEC was successfully certified as an ISO9001 company.


Due to exponential growth in GSM, EEC over a period of 10 years focused on Egypt and opened offices in Algeria, Bangladesh, UAE, Sudan, Libya, Senegal, and Mali.


A sandwich panel and industrial cladding factory were inaugurated. The vision was provide a totally vertical and turnkey service to the customer.


The factories were modernized with new state-of-the-art automatic and CNC angles.


A New Hot-Dip Galvanizing plant was inaugurated in 2008 to support our steel fabrication business.


We obtained ISO certificates OHAS ISO 45001:2018 (replacing 18001), and ISO 14001 in environmental management.


EEC was approved to design and manufacture power transmission lines up to 500 KV.


Back to our origins ,EEC began refocusing an major construction and turnkey infrastructure projects.


The factories were modernized with new state-of-the-art and Built-up section fabrication in our steel fabrication.


We are pleased to announce to our valued customers that Yasmo Misr Company for Construction Chemicals has joined the EEC Group to manufacture construction chemicals.

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