Tendering Engineer – Mechanical


BSc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering

3 – 5 years experience

Job Description:
  1. Studying Tenders to understand the nature of Project and Contract.
  2. Reviewing provided Contract, BOQ, Drawings and Specifications for the new Project.
  3. Receiving quotations from Vendors, Suppliers and Subcontractors
  4. Make sure that the quotations comply with the Employer required and provided Specifications
  5. Prepare comparison Sheet for rates Quoted by Sub Contractors and suppliers
  6. Prepare the BOQ to receive the Dry Cost unit rates.
  7. Breakdown BOQ items that will not be assigned to Subcontractors in order to properly price them
  8. Using unit rates for materials and equipment
  9. Perform quantity take off for lump sum project or items
  10. Finalizing the Commercial Offer including priced BOQ
  11. Responding to Post-Tender Clarification from clients.
  12. Analysis post tender with low and high % method.