Maintenance Engineer


Education: BSc. Degree in Mechatronics or Electrical Engineer

Experience: 3 – 4 years

Job Description:
  • Develop preventive maintenance schedules for plant, machinery and equipment to ensure that these continue to operate at optimum levels.
  • Monitor the performance of plant and equipment and revise maintenance schedules as necessary to ensure their continued effective performance.
  • Maintain comprehensive records of stocks and maintenance carried out.
  • Maintain contact with other departments to ensure that any plant downtime is carried out at minimum cost and inconvenience.
  • Monitor the results of the planned maintenance program and introduce any required changes where effectiveness needs to be improved.
  • knowledge of machines equipment and crane systems.
  • knowledge of the industry.
  • knowledge of modern maintenance techniques including preventative and corrective planning.


Work location: EL Obour City (EEC Galva) Hot-dip Galvanization Factory