Cross-Industry Solutions

Mobile Towers

Cable & Pipe Sealing

EEC Group has offered mobile telescopic tower solutions since 2010 through its subsidiary and brand Towerwrks Egypt to customers across several industries in the region.
The solutions provide the customer mobility for various applications such as voice, data, video, power and lighting.

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RoxEgypt (an EEC Group company) established in 2003 being the sole agent and distributor for the Swedish ROXTEC in Egypt.
Product : Roxtec Mechanical Sealing technology
Multidiameter Cable Transit (MCT)
Our flexible sealing solutions for cable and pipe ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability. Whether our customer is an
owner, designer or installer.

It is designed and developed to protect individuals and investments against risks caused by fire, gas, water, rodents, dust, pests,
blast load, electro-magnetic interference, etc.

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